We offer a variety of courses, services, and workshops to help you rebuild or refresh your sustainable and socially conscious closet. 

Starting with the clothing you already own, learn how to make intentional choices that align with your values and serve the environment and communities around the world. 

conscious closet minicourse

The Conscious Closet MiniCourse was designed for people who aren’t sure where to start when building an ethical wardrobe. You know you should be more sustainable and socially conscious but you feel overwhelmed. You want to do things on your own time and on a budget. I promise that you can find joy in your closet again, and feel good in your clothes with the Conscious Closet MiniCourse! You can find simplicity in your wardrobe and actually enjoy the process.

Virtual Services

We connect on a 30-minute virtual call where we discuss your style, values, and gaps to fill in your wardrobe. I will provide you with suitable options from brands that I’ve already researched that align with your personal values. I have 4 tiers based on your level of need.


If you become a Sseko Fellow, you’ll receive a 20% discount on any Sseko items you purchase to complete your wardrobe. I’ll also roll your enrollment fee into whichever package(s) you choose.

Virtual & Local Workshops

Whether you’re fashion-forward, business casual, or part of the sweats and ponytail crowd, we all have the ability (and duty) to know how our clothes are made and make conscious choices in what we buy. Everything is catered differently to meet the varied needs of the diverse group of people taking small steps to create an impact in their closet.

Please email for pricing and availability.

I’m so thankful I found Kara and her closet clean out program! It was a long time coming...but after seeing how easy it was and how much lighter I felt, I wondered why I didn’t do it sooner!
Kim P.
Conscious Closet