Cheesy Chicken & Rice

This was delish! And easy! And filled us up after a nice hike in the woods. (And that was too many grammatically incorrect sentences beginning with and.) I don't know about where you live, but it's been raining for weeks here!  (Not exaggerating.)  We have had record rain and record river crests.  Which unfortunately means … Continue reading Cheesy Chicken & Rice

I made bread again.

I seriously need to stop doing this. This bread is good. So good. If you haven't made bread before just do it.  For reals.  (Pretty sure no one else who makes their own bread says that.)  If I keep this up, it will become a regular expectation. I best be careful! Here is the recipe … Continue reading I made bread again.

BBQ Chicken Pizza (Spring Break Edition)

My brother and his girlfriend came to visit for their spring break. Michigan is not exactly a springy destination when you want to escape the snow...ahem...but we were excited to host them nonetheless! Because it was their spring break, my husband made us do a different shot every night. Some of them were normal (ie … Continue reading BBQ Chicken Pizza (Spring Break Edition)

Balsamic Chicken

I am basically testing out the app on my phone, and as a result you get a bonus post!! I got this idea off Pinterest (I'm sure you've seen it) but I didn't follow the recipe at all. I know this is supposed to be the golden rule of cooking...but I hardly ever follow recipes … Continue reading Balsamic Chicken

Homemade Bread

When my husband and I got married he had this expectation of homemade bread.  Like his Grandma makes.  My first reaction was: you crazy.  My second reaction was to put a bread machine on our registry.  His reaction: no, you crazy!  Bread doesn't come from a machine!  It comes from the oven.  And that is … Continue reading Homemade Bread

Chicken Alfredo Roll-Ups

I'm assuming you've seen this on Pinterest?  They looked delicious in the picture (doesn't everything?) and didn't seem too hard.  Plus they included melty cheese and alfredo sauce.  How can you go wrong?  Still, they didn't turn out as I imagined. I followed the recipe but not the advice in the article to not use … Continue reading Chicken Alfredo Roll-Ups