First Birthday Banners

There are so many cute ways to mark your child's amazing (and fast!) growth throughout their first year. Month stickers, pictures in the same outfit they outgrow, collages, etc. I decided to go with monthly pictures with stickers. Seemed like the easiest way. I also decided after the first month to put a stuffed animal … Continue reading First Birthday Banners

First Birthday Chalkboard

Chalkboard art is not just for supermarket delis anymore.  I'm sure you've seen all the adorable chalkboards out there, mostly on Pinterest.  Where else?  First birthday ones, pregnancy ones, dinner menus, etc.  And I feel like you can't go anywhere anymore without seeing chalkboard paint.  I don't know about you, but my handwriting is terrible. … Continue reading First Birthday Chalkboard

First Birthday Fiesta

Edited to add: I recognize now, 5 years later, that the theme of this birthday party might be interpreted by some as culturally insensitive. I truly appreciate Mexican culture, having traveled around the country a few times (and I don't mean to Cancun). I decided not to remove the post, however, because it's important to … Continue reading First Birthday Fiesta