Chaos Defined

I feel like to begin on this journey I need to define (my) chaos. I think it's been so hard for me to do because I have constantly submersed myself in this swirling madness and made it normal. And so now, I am standing on a precipice. I can continue on in the direction I … Continue reading Chaos Defined

Monthly Meal Planning

If you're anything like me, you are a marketing major's dream.  All the junk they design and put at the register - I buy.  The pretty packaging - I buy.  The orange clearance sticker - I buy.  The free online coupons for stuff I don't need - I buy.  I don't think I need to … Continue reading Monthly Meal Planning


We had family visiting recently and they brought A TON of food with them. So we have been eating leftovers all week. I. Am. Not. Complaining. Sooo, I have no new recipes this week. And next week we are visiting family in New Jersey (no, we are not bringing food). I will likely not post … Continue reading Leftovers

Homemade Bread

When my husband and I got married he had this expectation of homemade bread.  Like his Grandma makes.  My first reaction was: you crazy.  My second reaction was to put a bread machine on our registry.  His reaction: no, you crazy!  Bread doesn't come from a machine!  It comes from the oven.  And that is … Continue reading Homemade Bread