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Educated Style: Impact entrepreneur helps socially conscious consumers build an ethical wardrobe

Talking with a future Sseko graduate, Susan, in April 2019.

Hoholik is the founder of Educated Style, a platform designed to help others discover alignment between their values, personality, and style. She understands that making big lifestyle changes can be overwhelming and seeks to make the process simple, so more people make socially conscious purchasing decisions. “I help clients narrow down and focus on two or three personal values and starting with the clothes they already have; I help them build their sustainable wardrobe.” Aligning personal values, Hoholik explains, could mean a vegan, for example, will not shop sustainably sourced leather; while someone on a strict budget might only shop secondhand. “I believe the differences in our style and in our values should be celebrated and reflected in the clothes we wear. That is why I created Educated Style.” – Kendra McNeil

WGVU Morning Show with Shelley Irwin
Sustainable Fashion Chat with Michelle Krick

Michelle and I in the studio, ready to chat sustainable fashion!

Treetops Collective
How Conscious Fashion Can Help Communities Flourish


“One of the amazing things I have discovered in this journey is that my passion for social justice can be expressed through everyday things like a t-shirt and jeans. The solutions to the world’s big problems don’t have to be big. They can be achieved by regular people like me doing regular things like buying socially-conscious clothes. This concept is beautifully expressed in the incredible and powerful communities built by brands like Sseko and Treetops.”

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A Solution B
Walking Through Postpartum Anxiety

I believe now that I didn’t recognize my anxiety sooner because it presented itself as anger. Happiness and positivity were so much a part of my identity, I could not recognize it. The electricity of anger and anxiety felt the same as excitement. It was right there under the surface, slowly rising in temperature so I didn’t notice until I was boiled. It affected everything and did a lot of damage, mostly to my own sense of self and psyche.

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Positively Positive
We Are Already Enough: What Acceptance and Belonging Look Like as a Modern Woman
Summit 650

“You know what is a tragedy though? Convincing myself that I have nothing to offer and then hiding behind excuses (like my children) so I don’t have to deal with the rejection. Whether people reject me or not, I have a lot to offer and I am good at things and people need me.”

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Bring Your Own Kombucha Blog

…and podcast!!


“Episode 4 features Kara Hoholik – a sorority sister of mine but also kind person with a huge heart. Kara is a born and bred Jersey girl living on a farm in southwest Michigan with her husband and 3 small children. She has made it her personal quest to simplify life and put a focus on the things that add value to not only her personal legacy but also to her community. With a background in sociology and education, her socially conscious lifestyle has led to a fulfilling and flexible career as a blogger, educator, and advocate. We chat her work with socially conscious brand Sseko Designs and how YOU can live a more ethical and sustainable lifestyle!” – Erica B.

compassionately you podcast
Compassionately You Podcast

“Kara has a passion for teaching others how to be more sustainable and ethical in their wardrobe. I’m a huge thrifter, so I loved talking with her about this! She lets people know something they can do that’s small at first is to try more second-hand shopping. She also lists some of her favorite places to shop that are ethical. Some are local to the West Michigan area and others are global.

She also opens up about not feeling like she quite fit in. She loves to help others and is a people pleaser (sound familiar?! I know I can be this way too!). She talks about how to be comfortable as you are and finding those people that understand you as you.” – Bri Luginbill

Sincerely Ashley Blog

“It was great to see her eyes light up when she talked about Sseko Designs as she explained the heart of who they are. She chatted about the company centering around the support of women in Africa in a sustainable way…how the items she sells contribute to their education/futures in such a direct capacity.

Her daughter was contentedly hanging out in her stroller next to the table as she filled me in. It was a beautiful scene: Kara talking about how her work helps women create a more meaningful future for themselves as she fed her own daughter.” – Ashley Wierenga

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Ms. Merchant Magazine

Community over Competition

Sseko Designs is turning the direct sales industry on its head. We are building bridges and creating opportunity for women on a global scale, and putting people over profit. This article is a case study on how one direct sales company is doing things differently. How Sseko is creating a more female empowered, consciously consuming global community.

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