Purchase the Conscious Closet MiniCourse and get started by following my step-by-step process and create an intentional and socially conscious closet. The workbook and follow-along emails and videos are intended for you to work at your own pace. I know not everyone has a full weekend to spare, so take the tips offered and work toward your goal in whatever timeline that suits you. I’m confident this will help you live more intentionally, feel good, and make an impact around the globe. That is what we like to call a win, win, win.

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The Conscious Closet MiniCourse was designed for people who aren’t sure where to start when building an ethical wardrobe. You know you should be more sustainable and socially conscious but you feel overwhelmed. You want to do things on your own time and on a budget. I got you! I’ve been there. I know how difficult it can be to stare at your clothing and wonder just HOW is it possible you’ve accumulated so much?! And immediately you feel guilty, and overwhelmed, and you close the door and figure you’ll address it another time. Well, the truth is, whether the door is closed or not, the clothes are still there, and odds are your feelings are too. I promise that you can find joy in your closet again, and feel good in your clothes with the Conscious Closet MiniCourse! You can find simplicity in your wardrobe and actually enjoy the process.

What do you say? Are you ready to begin?

What You Get

  • Ethical Fashion Intro to Industry
  • Style Quiz
  • Values Worksheet
  • Closet Inventory
  • Connect the Dots Worksheet
  • Responsible Giving
  • Best Practices for Thrifting (buying & selling)


  • Ethical Fashion on a Budget
  • Capsule Wardrobe 101
  • Access to the Educated Style Facebook Community
  • Email support
  • Special gift from Sseko Designs

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