I am not someone who anyone would call stylish, trendy, or fashion-forward. That is not to say I don’t have my own personal style, because I do. And it gets more defined every day. This is somewhat cliche to say, but the older I get, the more confident I am to be true to myself, and this includes what type of clothing I wear.

I am committed to the idea of supporting the people who make my clothes. Because regardless if I think I’m trendy or not, the reality is I buy clothes, and wear clothes, and how I spend my money matters.  It matters to me, it matters to the environment, and it matters to the people on the receiving end of my money.

I have found a home and a newfound passion in Sseko Designs. The connection we forge between each other is unparalleled. I know personally the women who make my shoes and clothing. I can send them emails and learn about their families and their goals and dreams for the future. I know that when I make a purchase, I am directly impacting the lives of women in Uganda and promoting their college education through scholarship.

Sseko Designs also directly impacts the lives of women here in the United States. This is not a charity. We are paid well for good work, and support each other in securing a better future for ourselves and for our families. With that said, these are all affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I get paid commission if you choose to purchase.

Ribbon Sandals – $49.99

One sandal, endless possibilities. Choose from several base colors and sizes. Each sandal comes standard with black ribbons. Extra ribbons are Buy 3, Get 1 free!

Two-Tone Leather Booties – $249.99

Made responsibly by our artisan partner in Peru that employs 106 people full time! Real leather, all the way around, with a zipper in the back for ease.

Flip Flops – $69.99

If I didn’t live in the Midwest, I would wear these EVERY DAY. Comfortable, durable, mold-to-your-feet goodness.

Suede Brave Necklace – $34.99

Add texture and length to your brave story, but be prepared to tell it over and over!

Zest Piece – $9.99

You don’t only live once, you only live right now. Make it count, and add a little zest to your story.

Love Piece – $9.99

Seven billion smiles and yours is my favorite. Add a little love to your story.

Joy Piece – $9.99

Find joy in the ordinary, and make it part of your story.

Ankole Tapered Cuff – $29.99

Delicate, but still a statement piece.

Brass Wonder Cuff – $49.99

To serve as a reminder of your strength, and that you create wonder wherever you go.

Curved Bar Pendant Choker – $69.99

A choker that doesn’t actually choke you? Sign me up! Three interchangeable pendants available.

Bandana in Monet – $19.99

It’s a headband, it’s a scarf, it’s a bandana, it’s a necklace, it’s a head scarf. Versatility is the name of our game.

Oversized Plaid Scarf in Hazelnut – $99.99

Classic style, warmth, and comfort in a cotton and wool blend. Handwoven in Ethiopia.

Multiway Shawl in Monet – $79.99

Probably our most versatile item; it’s available in a variety of colors and patterns, and is truly one size makes all glamorous.

Wide Leg Trouser in Black – $179.99

Chic wide-leg trouser made from the most glorious sustainable tencel you ever did see Available in 2 sizes; visit the website or contact me directly for sizing assistance.

Reversible Blazer in Black/Dandelion – $199.99

Business and party, in the back and the front. Relaxed fit, comfortable sustainable fabric, and exterior pockets on the black side. Two sizes available;
visit the website or contact me directly for sizing assistance.

Baby Ring Sling in Woven Black with Ivory Stripes – $149.99

You’ll see me wearing my baby in this sling at the park, at the store, at school, in the yard, at a restaurant, eating ice cream…you get the idea. Check out all the details & our safety information.

Black Crossbody – $139.99

Extremely soft and supple sheepskin crossbody. Can be worn several ways or used as a clutch. Fully lined with several pockets.

Saddle Crossbody – $149.99

My every day bag. Fits the essentials, durable, and perfect for my casual style.

Safari Leather Bucket Bag in Syrah – $159.99

I use this bag to travel and to carry my business items when I head to events. Durable, gorgeous, and extremely useful. Available in several colors.

Convertible Tote in Oiled Black – $249.99

Probably our most perfect bag, made by our artisan partners in Ethiopia. Fully lined, fits a small laptop, also includes a back panel slip for your suitcase, and an extremely versatile strap. Think shoulder bag, crossbody bag, handbag, backpack, and more!

Weekender Duffle Bag – $399.99

Travel much? You need something from our travel collection to be the envy of everyone in the airport.

Caramel Wallet – $39.99

Who knew you could get compliments on your wallet? Perfect for every day.

Moon Clutch Set – $44.99

Organize your bigger bags with cute moon clutches available in a variety of seasonal colors.

Tassel Clutch in Pebbled Mint – $49.99

The perfect clutch for a night out, available in a variety of seasonal colors.

Leather Protectant Spray – $9.99

Your Sseko items can last a lifetime. Be sure to protect them!

Slim Wallet in Oiled Chocolate – $34.99

Fit your essentials in your skinny jeans with our slim wallet.

Ring Tote in Pebbled Jasper – $199.99

Carry all your essentials and look super cool doing it. Available in several colors, and includes removable crossbody strap.

Briefcase in Oiled Chocolate – $299.99

Carry all your essentials (and more!) to and from the office and know you’re supporting women’s right to education.