Most of us are not starting from scratch when we discover sustainable fashion. And the worst thing you can do is throw out your whole closet and start over, at least sustainably speaking. So, what to do?


Recognizing that we are all starting in different places, I’ve created 4 tiers based on your level of need as you begin to evaluate how to build a socially conscious closet. Maybe you’ve recently changed jobs or sizes and need more of an overhaul than the new stay at home mama that just needs a few things here and there.


Discover your top 2-3 values with the simple worksheet.


Find your ethical style with my fun quiz and pin your heart out!


Let's chat about your results and find the right tier for you!


I'll send you a style kit and shopping plan.

I’ll prepare your Style Kit, with clickable links directly to the items I recommend based on your results after our call. You can shop or send it as a wish list to friends and family. I’m happy to also do the shopping for you for an extra 10% of clothes budget, which will be decided on the call.

If you’re ready to start, you can learn more about the options available by clicking through the tabs below. Select which one suits your needs best, and we’ll begin! I’m excited to put my extensive, socially conscious research to use by helping you refresh and rebuild your sustainable closet.

Update your current wardrobe with 5 new pieces for the season. Can also be used for a travel mini capsule or event options. Starting at $179+shopping. >>learn more

Accessories can easily transform an outfit or your closet. Add to 10 pieces to your collection, starting at $49+shopping. >>learn mo

Start fresh with a coordinating and versatile capsule wardrobe of 15 pieces based on a color palette and style profile. Starting at $279+shopping. >>learn more

Do you need a whole new wardrobe because of a lifestyle change, move, or job opportunity? It’s not as overwhelming as you might think. Starting at $479+shopping, allow me to rebuild your sustainable closet with a minimum of 30 pieces based on a color palette and style profile. >> learn more