We are already enough.

I was listening to some girls making plans to hang out that night. They didn't invite me then, but a few glanced over at me as I took a bite of sandwich. We were at the lunch table. I tried to avoid eye contact. It was awkward. Thoughts raced through my mind about how to … Continue reading We are already enough.

This is what anxiety looks like:

Sometimes anxiety looks like groceries laying on the kitchen floor for a day and a half. Maybe because it's too overwhelming to put them away thinking about the money spent on them, or lamenting the time it took to shop, or the plastic, the waste, the convenience, the junk. Sometimes anxiety looks like the shame … Continue reading This is what anxiety looks like:

Chaos Defined

I feel like to begin on this journey I need to define (my) chaos. I think it's been so hard for me to do because I have constantly submersed myself in this swirling madness and made it normal. And so now, I am standing on a precipice. I can continue on in the direction I … Continue reading Chaos Defined

Getting Started…I mean: revisiting?

I've thought often of starting a blog.  Who hasn't these days, amirite?  I even started one when I got pregnant last year.  What's more life-changing and important to write about than a baby?  I wrote a few entries to week six, and then stopped.  Um, can I blame it on the vomiting?  It's been continuing … Continue reading Getting Started…I mean: revisiting?