Does anyone need your junk?

Overall, the United States exports about a billion pounds of second-hand textiles, making it our eighth largest export. And shockingly, this constitutes only a small portion of America's yearly donations. So, if you imagine someone happily using the bags and bags of crap you discard at your local donation center on a regular basis, you're … Continue reading Does anyone need your junk?

You can recycle clothes?!

Time to get real with each other - who here throws away their clothes? Raise your hand. I know you're not raising your hand because you're reading this on the train or on the couch with your sig other or you're otherwise embarrassed. At least admit it in your own mind: you've dumped perfectly good … Continue reading You can recycle clothes?!

15 Ways to Start Being More Sustainable

K.I.S.S. We know what this stands for, right? KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID. My 7 year old would be offended by this, but you can change the last S to any adjective you'd like to use...silly, slow, scatty, shortsighted, simple, senseless, get the idea. The point is, we tend to hide behind perfectionism and feel … Continue reading 15 Ways to Start Being More Sustainable

Thrifting in the Name of Ethical Fashion

Even when you purchase something ethically made, you are still demanding more resources from the planet. And it takes quite a bit of time and effort to do your research, and often a bigger portion of your budget. While these things are important, admittedly we just don’t have the time to focus on it when … Continue reading Thrifting in the Name of Ethical Fashion

Do your clothes reflect your values?

It may seem like a weird thing to talk about whether your clothes align with your values, but it's a valid question. Our values, our morals, and our priorities in life inform all the decisions we make. We might spend time and money on religion. Or buy organic. Our education and career reflect our interests … Continue reading Do your clothes reflect your values?

How much do your clothes cost?

Once the closet door to ethical fashion is opened, it's really hard to shut it. You start to notice things and ask questions you didn't before, such as: "How is this shirt $4?!" "Why does everyone buy so many things?" "Where do all these clothes go when no one buys them?" "What does the donation … Continue reading How much do your clothes cost?

What is ethical fashion?

I know you are having flashbacks of a stuffy college classroom, a professor with a mothball eaten sweater, and the only C you got on your transcripts. Oh wait, that must be me. All joking aside, the term ethical fashion of course is derived from actual ETHICS, in which we discuss our morals, our values, … Continue reading What is ethical fashion?

How to make good choices and ditch the underwire

Somewhere between being pregnant and not, I decided to quit the underwire. Who knew that fighting against the patriarchy could be so comfortable? When I was a kid, I couldn't wait until I was old enough to wear bras. I'm sure I'm not alone in this, right? We couldn't wait to shave our legs, make … Continue reading How to make good choices and ditch the underwire

Ethical Easter Baskets

Not sure about you, but I am a little bit obsessed with holidays. Of course as kids, most of us are. We get presents and candy and attention and special food and there's MAGIC. A lot of people then get disillusioned with the whole thing as they grow up and find out that it's not … Continue reading Ethical Easter Baskets