Top 3 Sustainable Closet Tips

to help you survive quarantine Whether you're stuck at home or just have a rainy Saturday with nothing to do, cleaning out your closet can be really therapeutic. Even if the idea of doing so scares you, imagine walking into your closet LOVING everything and feeling good about yourself as you get dressed. That can … Continue reading Top 3 Sustainable Closet Tips

Amazon Alternatives

Looking to ditch Amazon in the new year? Or, at least, try to minimize your dependency? I have oodles of options for you that are just as convenient, more sustainable, and dare I say less evil? Imperfect Foods I actually haven't used Amazon Pantry but in my pursuit of alternatives I came across Imperfect Foods … Continue reading Amazon Alternatives

Have a Sustainable Holiday

But, why should I care about a sustainable holiday? For a season sort of known for its excess, you might be wondering why you should even care about having a more sustainable holiday. Of course, I believe it matters for the environment - less excess, less waste, more planet to enjoy. However, it's more than … Continue reading Have a Sustainable Holiday

Holiday Gifts that Matter

Finding the perfect holiday gifts can be stressful for many reasons, especially when looking for one with lots of meaning to the recipient. The research and budgeting aspects can be just as daunting as thinking of an idea itself. Since I've already done plenty of research, I wanted to share what I've discovered to make … Continue reading Holiday Gifts that Matter

Closet Organization: Transform your sustainable closet

I am not going to mince words here. I am not a naturally organized person a mess. Therefore, closet organization is not a natural zone of genius for me. A lot of people who know me probably won’t believe this, but it’s just true. I live inside my own head (writers and creatives, you feel … Continue reading Closet Organization: Transform your sustainable closet

6 Reasons to Sign Up for the Conscious Closet MiniCourse

If you’re like the average person, you’ve probably not given much thought to ethical fashion or your closet before now. The contents, the organization, the intentionality, or the source of your clothes all were sort of floating around in your mind without grounding or purpose. Now that you’re here, I assume you want to be … Continue reading 6 Reasons to Sign Up for the Conscious Closet MiniCourse

3 Ways Conscious Fashion Saves Money

Affordable ethical fashion is not an oxymoron. One of the more common complaints I receive about ethical or socially conscious fashion is how expensive it is. “I can get a t-shirt for $5 at <insert store here> why would I pay $70?!?!” or “Does affordable ethical fashion even exist?” I get it. For people on … Continue reading 3 Ways Conscious Fashion Saves Money

woman speaking on simple sustainable clothing

3 Ways Conscious Fashion Saves Time

Curating a socially conscious wardrobe with simple sustainable clothing can seem time-consuming at first. You have to research brands and their ethics, organize your closet, and wrestle with the guilt you might feel for taking so long to figure this out. Whatever the reason for why you haven’t started, I am here to tell you … Continue reading 3 Ways Conscious Fashion Saves Time

clothes hanging in the closet clean out

Finding Joy in Your Closet

At the risk of sounding too cliche, I hosted a closet clean out challenge the first week of January. It really crosses off all the boxes: new year, new you, #konmari, and yet another social media-driven personal challenge. It’s okay, I can admit when I’m predictable. But really though! Doing this with other people was … Continue reading Finding Joy in Your Closet

Less is More

How is it possible to have a closet stuffed full of clothes, and nothing to wear? And yet, we feel a sense of dread when asked to consider limiting our intake and being more intentional about what we buy. My friends, I have to be honest here and tell you, taking the easy way out … Continue reading Less is More