My name is Kara and I grew up in New Jersey.  (Go ahead, say it.  For the record, no one from Jersey says it like that).  I moved to Michigan after college to get away from the intensity that is the east coast. Affirming my family’s fears, I met a guy at a piano bar and never came back.  Fast forward 7 years, and we have added 2 cats, 1 dog, and 3 kids to the mix.  In other words, chaos.  We recently moved to a farm on 14 acres, and I have to admit (to my husband’s delight) the peace and quiet is growing on this city girl.

To that end, I have made it my personal quest to focus on simplifying my life and putting focus on the things that add value to not only my personal legacy, but also to my family as it grows.  I hope that you join me in doing the same.  The world needs more people who are grounded in their belief, in their belonging, and in themselves.

Ah, newlyweds.
We love our cats…maybe too much.
Dash. Dashle. Dash Hound. Dasher. Doggle. Dogger. Dash Man.
Dash. Dashle. Dash Hound. Dasher. Doggle. Dogger. Dash Man.
Three’s a crowd. Especially the laundry.

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