Looking to ditch Amazon in the new year? Or, at least, try to minimize your dependency? I have oodles of options for you that are just as convenient, more sustainable, and dare I say less evil?

Imperfect Foods

I actually haven’t used Amazon Pantry but in my pursuit of alternatives I came across Imperfect Foods and was so excited to see they were in my area! Since we are rural, it’s hard to find services like this that deliver out here. You can select your options (organic vs. conventional, etc) and schedule your boxes to arrive on a schedule that works best for you. We do the small box every other week, and this is a typical haul for us. We’ve only had one vegetable go bad before we got a chance to use it, and everything else was hard to imagine what was so imperfect about it!

Use my link for $10 off your first box!

Mighty Nest | Mighty Fix

I go back and forth on whether I like subscription boxes. But Mighty Fix has NEVER EVER disappointed me. And as a fickle person, that is really hard to do! It’s just $10 a month which is super reasonable and you get 1 product that is a healthier, greener, more sustainable option from a company they vetted. They’re often small companies that are looking to get the word out there. I discovered SO many brands like Stasher, Meliora (which happens to be owned by a friend of a friend!! Hey Kate!), and SiliKids to name a few.

Want a FREE box? Email me!

Thrive Market

I have totally become THAT person that doesn’t go to the grocery store anymore. I instacart everything (yes, it’s a verb) but often my pantry staples that are more sustainable or organic are not available. I would sometimes buy things in bulk from Amazon to avoid the store. But noooooot anymore!! Thrive Market has amazing options and auto-ship is also available for staples you use regularly. Get 25% off your first order when you use my link.

Shop Local

Have an event coming up and forgot to get an outfit? Been there. Instead of relying on Amazon for the quick shipping, drag your butt off the couch and shop locally. There are likely tons of consignment shops in your town that will have sustainable options, too!


I would often run to Amazon when I didn’t feel like going to the store but ran out of a necessity like toothpaste. Well, did you know that so many brands offer subscription services?? I did not. Now, I get so many of my staples on auto-ship! I had to mess with the settings a few times to get the timing right, but otherwise, my new deodorant or toothpaste show up right as the old one is about to run out.

Who Gives a Crap

We’ve been getting toilet paper, tissues, and paper towels from this company for almost 2 years now I think. Toilet paper that builds toilets. And also has hilarious messaging on its rolls. Super sustainable company (no plastic at all) and the TP is great. Listen, I used to be a TP snob too, and then I realized it just wipes poop off my butt and I got over it. <shrug>

Shop Direct

Shop directly from the shops and businesses! Amazon getting a piece of the profit means that less goes to the brand you love. Here are some great brands that also offer shipping perks as put together by Done Good Co.

In summary…

There are lots more options out there for you to try! Some that I’ve tried but didn’t work for me, and I’m sure even more that I’ve never heard of. And in the interest of being honest, I still have an Amazon Prime membership currently. Full disclosure: we love some of the shows and use it sparingly for gifts or what constitutes an emergency. My goal is to someday quit it entirely, but I love how little I run to it for last-minute purchases now. I plan a little bit ahead, support companies I believe in and feel pretty good about it, too.

What are some Amazon alternatives that you use and love?

2 thoughts on “Amazon Alternatives

  1. You are hilarious! I use thrive market and have found some awesome healthy alternatives. (Like “Miracle Noodles” Shirataki pasta. I love noodles, but my waist has been telling me to lay off the carbs- you can search thrive market for different diets (low carb, paleo, vegan, etc.)

    I’ve used causebox and saved the things I don’t use for gifts (because I’m a squirrel and have a “gift” closet. We won’t call it “hoarding…”)

    Of course, my favorite gifts to give are from Sseko Designs- I know you have the hookup for that 😉 Why not give a gift that gives a girl in East Africa an education?

    I need to check out imperfect foods- I don’t care what it looks like- it all comes out looking the same 😂 and then, who gives a crap? 😉 😆

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