I am not going to mince words here. I am not a naturally organized person a mess. Therefore, closet organization is not a natural zone of genius for me.

A lot of people who know me probably won’t believe this, but it’s just true. I live inside my own head (writers and creatives, you feel me?) which does not reflect very well externally. Fortunately or otherwise, I care a lot about what people think #enneagram3 and so I have forced myself to clean and organize my life to at least appear like I’ve got it together.

Of course, I rebelled against the closet organization process for the longest time. I refused to pare down my wardrobe because I like options and colors and a capsule wardrobe always seemed too restrictive for me. Plus, it seemed like work.

my personal transformation

A few years later, I now know that it’s much easier to organize, do laundry, and keep everything tidy when you have less stuff. It seems super obvious in hindsight, but of course it was never that clear to me until I actually put it into practice.

I want to show you that you can create your own closet organization transformation by being more conscious about where and how you buy your clothes and intentional about how much and how often you shop.

messy closet with clothes and boxes everywhere
Not pictured: boxes of maternity clothes in my van, clothes piled on the chair, and the laundry room. Oh, and my entire dresser.

Okay, so real talk, these pictures were only available to my email list prior to now. I hesitate to share them publicly for a variety of reasons, but I’m really confident that its important and useful to be vulnerable and authentic. So, here we are.

To say this closet organization process was slow, is an understatement. It took me the better part of a year to complete it all, and I still feel like I’m always working through it. I spent an entire month on jewelry alone. Don’t forget about bags, shoes, seasonal clothes, and all kinds of random stuff I stored in my closet that didn’t belong. Photos, chargers for cameras that no longer exist, and an entire box of permanent markers from our wedding. (?!?)

the emotional weight of clothes

It was emotional. I went through clothes from before I left home to go to college. Clothes that served me in my professional life before I had kids. Things I purchased to make me feel better about something, and it didn’t work, and I could still feel those feelings as I took it off the hanger.

curly haired woman stressed laying on a pile of clothing during closet organization
Can you tell I do not feel like completing this process?

We are carrying a lot of baggage in our closets, beyond the guilt we might have for how much we’ve spent or how much of it was unethically made. Who else is keeping clothes that don’t fit, in hopes they’ll fit some day? Instead of motivating you, are they making you feel bad about yourself that you don’t fit into them yet?

All that stress is sitting in your house, and whether you’re conscious of it or not, it’s affecting you. It’s hard, but if you sit with the feelings and process it and walk through it, a weight will be lifted off your shoulders, I can all but guarantee you that.

more space, clear mind

I am here to tell you that less clothes = less laundry, less stress, more clarity of mind and body, more positivity, and more air to breathe.

happy woman standing in clean organized closet
Who takes social media pics in their closet? Me, that’s who! #pride

You don’t have to just believe me – try it out for yourself. I never thought I would be shouting about closet organization and fashion from the rooftops. Never. But here we are, and I am only doing this because IT IS REAL. How can I keep this to myself?

I seriously will take pics and videos for social and my trainings INSIDE MY CLOSET. I am so proud of it. Even hung a chandelier. Next, a painted accent wall.

Maybe you’ll never want to take fancy pics in your closet, and that’s cool. But I want you to feel good about how you start your day. And I know that this transformation can happen inside your closet and wardrobe. I want to help you achieve this goal so you can find space in your life to focus on what truly matters to you.