If you’re like the average person, you’ve probably not given much thought to ethical fashion or your closet before now. The contents, the organization, the intentionality, or the source of your clothes all were sort of floating around in your mind without grounding or purpose.

Now that you’re here, I assume you want to be more intentional (though we all know what assuming does…). Whether you need help getting started or motivation to finish sorting through the piles of clothes, the Conscious Closet MiniCourse here at Educated Style is the perfect place for you!

You’re overwhelmed.

I get it. I have totally been there. When I first learned about ethical fashion my head was swarming with thoughts about all the clothes I’ve purchased without knowing how they were made and all the clothes I’ve thrown away without realizing the damage I was doing to the environment. It can be a heavy realization. But, you’re not alone!! All of us on this journey have been overwhelmed, and having the support to get started (or keep going!) will really help you feel good about the process.

You don’t have time.

Who does?! This process will actually SAVE you time. You’ll streamline your closet and your choices, you’ll get real about what you wear and what you don’t, and you’ll never spend precious time in your closet trying on several outfits before you find one to wear.

Budget is a concern.

I hear you on this. Do a quick google search of ethical fashion brands and your head might explode! Let me help you narrow down choices that work for your budget and align with your values. I bet I can even help you MAKE MONEY by being more conscious about your wardrobe.

You’re emotionally connected to your clothes.

When I first completed this process it was very emotionally heavy for me. I didn’t realize how much mental stuff I had loaded up in my closet. It felt soooo good to finally be free of those feelings. There are ways to honor your past (and your future) by being more intentional about what you keep and what you give.

Organization is not your strong suit.

Haha, if you think I am organized, you better think again!! I am not. But guess what? Having less clothes and being more intentional about what I buy means there is LESS to organize and worry about. Also, less laundry….bonus!

You don’t know what ethical fashion is.

I didn’t either. Ethical fashion is really what you make it to be. What is important to you? You’ll discover this (and more!) through this minicourse. Allow me to help you feel good in your clothes so you can do good in the world!

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