At the risk of sounding too cliche, I hosted a closet clean out challenge the first week of January. It really crosses off all the boxes: new year, new you, #konmari, and yet another social media-driven personal challenge. It’s okay, I can admit when I’m predictable.

But really though! Doing this with other people was awesome. Actually HOSTING the challenge held me super accountable. And I really wanted to provide people with support because I know it’s hard.

I get emotionally attached to my belongings. I assign memories and meaning to almost everything I own – yes, really. My anxiety precludes me from being rational at times, and I ended up holding onto too much physical stuff. While each individual item might spark joy, the entire lot was stressing me out. Cleaning was costing me more time than I had, and I spent a lot of time looking around at the mess and worrying about what to do about it than actually doing anything about it.

A year and a half ago, when I began on my sustainable and ethical fashion journey, I started to really look at what I had and WHY I had it all. Especially the things I never wore or used. If they didn’t serve a purpose, could they really make me happy? Would I really miss them if they were gone? I began to focus on the bigger picture, and if someone else would find joy in my belongings, I didn’t anymore. Focusing on the gift rather than what I lost really was a gamechanger in this minimizing process for me.

So, enter the closet clean out challenge…

After my first two rounds of purging, I realized how much happier I felt on a daily basis. I had less laundry to do, less cleaning and organizing to do, and it was so easy to get dressed because I had so much less to sort through. Just call me completely hooked on this minimalist lifestyle! I started being way more intentional about what I purchased, knowing that this was such a long process to get rid of all this stuff I hardly used. I honed in on my style and what sides of me I wanted to represent in my clothing. Also, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that’s doing less laundry is high up there on my list!

It sounds silly to put this much stock into your closet. Honestly, I feel even weird writing it. But I am transformed after this year and a half. I will not go back to buying stuff on a whim, stuffing my closet full of clothes that are on someone else’s list, or doing mountains of laundry. The physical space in my home has created extra space in my mind to be creative and focus on my family. Sharing what I’ve learned through this challenge was the next natural step.

Did you miss the challenge? Don’t worry! You don’t need to wait for the flip of a calendar to begin – start anytime!!
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