I’m assuming you’ve seen this on Pinterest?  They looked delicious in the picture (doesn’t everything?) and didn’t seem too hard.  Plus they included melty cheese and alfredo sauce.  How can you go wrong?  Still, they didn’t turn out as I imagined.

I followed the recipe but not the advice in the article to not use jar alfredo sauce.  I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to melt cheese (which I’m not good at, turns out).  Maybe it was the cheap store-brand alfredo sauce I got?  Or perhaps my lack of measuring ingredients.  (Read: lazy).  Either way it left something to be desired.  Was kind of flavorless.

I’m guessing I could have put more effort into the dish to make it better: season the chicken before cooking, make my own alfredo sauce, and probably actually FOLLOW the recipe.

I even skimped on the garlic bread.  Who am I?

Pictures can, in fact, be deceiving.

Probably will file under “do not make again” – there, now you don’t have to try it!