I’ve thought often of starting a blog.  Who hasn’t these days, amirite?  I even started one when I got pregnant last year.  What’s more life-changing and important to write about than a baby?  I wrote a few entries to week six, and then stopped.  Um, can I blame it on the vomiting?  It’s been continuing to eat at me – is this what a calling is like?

Well, what to write about?  How interesting am I, really?  If I’m honest, not very, but I do make a lot of mistakes.  I usually like reading about other people’s mistakes because it makes me feel better about myself.  Other people must like this too.  And who doesn’t love a little self-deprication now and then?

So, there aren’t any guarantees that this will last another two weeks before I quit again.  But I can’t imagine a better excuse than vomiting four times a day.

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